Software Developer Intern, Bell Canada
May 2023 - May 2024
• Expanded Contractor Dashboard (CDB), a Vue.js/Express/Node/SQL stack TypeScript internal web application for Bell contractors to securely report insights to management, to 2 new business divisions.
• Streamlined business intelligence reporting of unresolved Smart Home and Wireless customer linkups from a Google Forms workflow to a tailored full-stack web app, reducing turnaround time by more than 50%.

Meta Open Source, MLH Fellowship
May 2022 - Aug 2022
• Integrated Meta’s Mapillary GeoJSON APIs with Meta’s MapWithAI Rapid Editor, enabling OpenStreetMap contributors to access street imagery datasets, through maintainer-approved pull requests on GitHub.
• Expanded the project’s backend API with additional features using Python Flask and PostgreSQL.
• Added automated tests via the CircleCI integration with the GitHub repository.
• Presented the project in a 40 minute internal conference seen by 120 at Meta.

Software Development Intern, Troutwood
June 2021 - May 2022
• Advanced Finulator, an educational game that emulates personal finance decisions, to a beta release.
• Reorganized existing React views to retroactively add responsiveness and deliver added support to mobile users.
• Revamped budgeting mechanic and introduced financing options for expensive purchases in the virtual shop.
• Introduced preliminary multiplayer game mode with AWS Amplify and Socket.IO in Node.